Hide has a new feature called Hide Reply, Learn how it works

Microblogging site Twitter has launched a new feature called Hide Reply. That means users can now hide the reply on Twitter if they find it inappropriate or offensive. This feature has been announced by Suzanne Xi, Product Management Head of Twitter. Suzanne has said that with this feature we will show users that they are safe on this social media platform.

Users will need to update their Twitter account first to use the High Reply feature. If you are hiding any response, you will be able to see it again. For this, users will see a gray icon and click on it. The company had earlier said that it will bring this feature. The company insists that users having a healthy conversation on Twitter are important to us. With this new feature, there will be an option to hide the reply on Twitter.

Also, TweetDeck is used to schedule tweets soon. Accordingly, users can schedule a tweet at any time, on a date and time on TweetDeck. However, this feature has not yet been implemented for the main tweeter. But now the testing for the feature being scheduled is underway. The company is trying to increase the number of users through this feature. The company is working hard for this Twitter feature. It is not known whether the company will ever rollout this feature. To schedule a tweet, you have to type in Twitter and click on the three dots at the bottom bar. There users can schedule a tweet by posting the date and time.

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