One day there will be no more .. but if one minute google do not know how destructive .. !!

In today's digital age it is impossible to imagine our life without electronic items like cell phones, computers, etc. This is because every single one of us has to admit that we have to spend more of our lives with these electronic goods than with the people around us. With the increasing use of the Internet, as well as the availability of cell phones at low prices, many of us have made internet use a must. Since then, every single small company has its own computer based operations and the internet usage has increased dramatically. The first thing we use in our daily internet usage is the Google search engine. If the search engine used by the vast majority of the world is just a few seconds of destruction, we will not be shocked at once.

However, in May 2009, Google did not work for three minutes as a day, and almost all of the world's net users began to worry about whether their Internet would work. In those three minutes, nearly 20% of Internet traffic was shut down, causing many problems. This was followed by a similar event in August 2013, this time by Google, this time for three minutes. At the same time, worldwide traffic was nearly 40%, with many operations halted, causing serious problems for users who were not working.

In both cases, however, Google's company managers were able to identify the problem in a matter of seconds and fix it. If this is the case, the current situation will not only stop web sites and search servers all over the world, but also create negative news propaganda in millions of blogs, as well as social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and consequently creating millions of fake news. Millions of people are Abhi Rayala between the original and nearly unintelligible to anyone about what had happened to most of Google's Internet activities Tech experts say it may have to shut down the situation.

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